The Start of the Coloma Township Park District


The first meeting to organize the Coloma Township Park District was held on April 16, 1925.  The members met in Attorney Jacob Cantlin's office for the purpose of organizing and electing officers.  The officers that were nominated and elected were:

  • Jacob Cantlin - President
  • Charles A. Smith - Secretary, Treasurer
  • H.W. Moates - Commissioner

On a motion by H.W. Moates, Hereafter this Board will be called and known as "The Park District at the Town of Coloma".  The motion was seconded by Jacob Cantlin and thus the organization of the Park District Board and it's officers was declared complete.  Three months later on July 20, 1925 the first Park District levy was approved.  A levy of 1.6 mils against the total assessed valuation of $1,593,821 generated an aggregate dollar amount of $2,550.11.    


The Coloma Township Park District was formed in 1925 and is governed by an elected five-member board of commissioners who serve six-year terms without compensation.  It is the second largest park system in Whiteside County, serving the citizens of Coloma Township and adjacent unincorporated areas. 

Purpose: As determined by Illinois case law, the State's purpose in establishing park districts was to provide a structure for local communities to establish and maintain public park and recreation systems that provide for the health, welfare, and entertainment of their citizens.  

Mission: It is the mission of the Coloma Township Park District to help people enjoy life, by providing a quality park and recreation system, to be implemented in a responsive, effective, creative, collaborative and flexible manner.  

Goal: Match the resources of the District to the needs and expectations of its citizens through a high level of participation and accountability. 

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