Over the 88 years of  history at the park district the board has enjoyed a tremendous degree of stability. A total of only thirty commissioners have had the privilege of serving on the board and of those thirty five have died while in office.

            Many of the  thirty past commissioners had outstanding records of longevity on the board and most held the office of Board President position. Some of those most dedicated Commissioners included Attorney Jacob Cantlin who is considered the "Father of the Park District" and who was the District's first President; E.J. Wallingford served seventeen years as president and H.W. Moates served thirteen years, eleven of which as president.

           In 1967 three Commissioners namely N.A. Eichenberg, George Hinrichs and Floyd Balla each served thirteen, sixteen, and eighteen years respectively, all retired. Ivan Larson was subsequently elected in 1967 and served until he died in office in 1979.
          The longest serving Park Commission is Leo J. Nardini, who was elected in 1971 and pasted away in December 2012. 
Two deceased commissioners who hold the records for longevity include Frank Seward who served twenty nine years (1939 - 1968) and Charles A. Smith who was the District's only Secretary/Treasurer from 1925 through 1951 when he retired after twenty six years of service.   The present Board of Commissioners also enjoy a degree of longevity and they include from left to right in the picture above:


John T. Sigel:
Appointed in 1984 and elected in 1985. Board President.

Robert C Bubbers:
Elected in 1977 -  Vice President

Donald E. Stindt:
Elected in 2007 and Secretary

 Linda P. Logan

Elected in 2017