1.  Roster of no more than 25 players must be registered by the first game. 

2.    If the team has less than 25 players, that team has until the end of the first round to complete the roster.    The deadline is October 8, 2013.                        

3.   Any person added to roster must register with the Park Office or League Director and wait 24 hours before being allowed to play.

4.   Additions may be made to the roster during the season if someone is hurt or leaves the area.  However, when a man is dropped for any reason and replaced, he cannot return to the League.

5.   Each team will pay an entry fee before they play their first game.  If this fee is not in, the team will have to forfeit all of its games up to the time of payment.  After a team starts playing, no money will be refunded.

 6.  NO steel cleats will be allowed.

 7.  Every game must go a minimum of seven innings, with the following exceptions: 

      A.    Five complete innings (or 41/2 if the home team is ahead) will Constitute a game in case of rain or darkness forces termination of the game. (Umpire's decision)

     B.  The Ten run rule will be in effect after five complete innings.  If a team leads by ten runs after the bottom of each succeeding inning, the game will be terminated.

 8.   All games will be played at Centennial Park Softball Diamonds.  Starting times for all games are listed on the printed schedules distributed to each team.

 9.  Forfeit time is ten minutes after scheduled starting time.

10. The Park District will furnish one new and one used softball for each game.  The umpiring team as designated on the schedule will receive the ball after the game.

11.   The Coloma Township Park District will supply one IHSA Certified umpire for each regular season league game.  In addition the Park District will supply two IHSA Certified umpires for each post season tournament game.

12.   The umpire will decide on calling the game in case of rain or darkness.  The umpire may grant an exception under extenuating circumstances.

13.   TEAM UMPIRE - The team listed after each pairing is to provide at least one umpire for that game.     If a team fails to provide an umpire when scheduled to do so, they will forfeit their next game on the next night they play.

14.  A team can start a game with not less than eight players.

15. If a team must forfeit a game due to lack of players, they can then borrow players from the other team and play a practice game which the umpire will work.  No one can play a League game unless on a roster,  except for the practice game.

16.  Rainouts will be rescheduled by the League Director.

17.  NO stealing or bunting allowed.

18.  Catcher masks are optional but certainly encouraged.

19.  Team uniforms are optional but certainly encouraged.

20.   All protests must be declared before the next pitch after the incident.  They must also be written and into the Coloma Township Park District Office within 24 hours and accompanied by a $10.00 fee.  If the protest  is accepted, the fee shall be returned; but if not, the fee will remain in the League fund.

21.  The hesitation pitch is prohibited.

22.  Players are not to smoke on the field, except on players bench.

23.  A fouled second strike will constitute an out.  The League will play 3 balls and 2 strike count.

24.  Pinch Runner – Player who makes last out can be Pinch Runner for batter. One per Inning.

25.  Strike – ASA Rule for height and black mat behind Home Plate.          

26.  The number to call for information about the games in questionable weather is 625-0491.

27.  The league will play under the official ASA Slowpitch Rules unless otherwise stated. 

28.   In the event of a two team win/loss record tie at the end of the season, the following will be the criteria for deciding place finish:

A.    How each team's record stands against the other.

B.    Number of runs scored against team with the same record.

C.  Total Number of runs scored in all of the regular season games.

29.   All games must start promptly at the same time listed so that teams playing the next game can get started on time.

30.   No player can transfer from one team to another after he once starts playing on a team.  If the team should drop out of the league, those playing and wishing to continue to play can play for any team they wish as long as the team's roster is not final.

31.   All unnecessary roughness, profanity or any unsportsmanlike conduct will mean immediate dismissal from the game.  Any person being ejected from the ballgame for any reason will be an ineligible player or  coach for the next following game his team plays.  The League Director will support the official's decision 100%.  The officials can at any time eject a player, team manager or  spectator from the field for unnecessary roughness, profanity, or any unsportsmanlike conduct.

32.   No player will be allowed to play if there is evidence he has been drinking prior to a game.  The  league official's decision will be final.

33.   Merely touching an umpire means automatic ejection from the game and the league for the season.  NOTICE: TELL ALL PLAYERS ON YOUR TEAM THIS.

34.  The official score card will be kept by the league official.

35.  The Coloma Township Park District, or anyone connected with the league in any way, will not be responsible for any injuries sustained during, before or after the game in or outside of the building or  grounds.

36.  The League is open to any team who wishes to participate.

37.  The unforeseen circumstances, where a team cannot make a scheduled game, the         Superintendent of Recreation shall pass judgement on the re-scheduling of the game.         League Office:  508 East 11th Street, Rock Falls.  Phone:  625-0272.

38.   The entire cooperation of everyone in the League, players, umpires, managers, and coaches, must be at its highest at all times in order for the league to run smoothly.  Each manager will be personally  responsible for each man on his team.

39.  The Park District staff shall be in charge of the ball diamonds during the league play.  Anyone not abiding by the rules shall be suspended from the league.

40.   For tournament play, a player must be on the roster and have played in one of the games of the regular season to be eligible.

41.   Players may be added to the regular playing rosters because of the following reasons:  1) loss of player to the service; 2) death; 3) health; if due to health, a manager must have a doctor's statement showing why  a player must leave the team before he can be replaced.  All replacements must be made within two  games from the time the regular player was found to leave the team.

42.  Only captains and managers can talk to the officials.

43.  Home Run Rule: Teams will be allowed to hit only 3 Home Runs (over the fence) per game.  Each  additional Home Run (over the fence) will be ruled an out by the Home Plate Umpire.  (This rule will hopefully allow more parity between teams.)

44.  The Board of Managers will be made up of the League Director, Superintendent of Recreation and the manager of each team on the league.  If the manager of the team cannot be present at special meetings,  he may name a representative to speak for the team.  Special meetings may be requested by team managers, the League Director, or the Superintendent of Recreation for the purpose of rule infractions, protests, tournament organization or other business.


                                                                                        WIN          LOSS

Cooler                                                                               7                0

Chesty P's                                                                       5                 2

XTreme Realty                                                               4                 3

Huskies                                                                             3                 4

Porter Brothers                                                              2                 5

Menk                                                                                 0                 7


FALL 2013 Schedule

Tuesday, September 17

C 6:00

Cooler 35

Huskies 1 

C 7:00

Chesty P’s 16

 Porter Brothers 5

C 8:00

XTreme Realty 17

Menk 6


Tuesday, September 24

C 6:00 XTreme Realty 18

            Huskies 11

C 7:00 Cooler 15

            Chesty P’s 10

C 8:00 Porter Brothers 20

            Menk 2


Tuesday, October 1

C 6:00 Chesty P’s 15

            XTreme Realty 4

C 7:00  Cooler 28

             Porter Brothers 2

C 8:00 Huskies 11

            Menk Umpire Cooler 4


Tuesday, October 8

C 6:00 Cooler 17

            Menk  0

C 7:00 XTreme Realty 23

            Porter Brothers 3

C 8:00 Chesty P’s 23

            Huskies 4


Tuesday, October 15

C 6:00 Huskies 15

            Porter Brothers 9

C 7:00 Chesty P’s 21

            Menk 1

C 8:00 Cooler 22

            XTreme Realty 12


Tuesday, October 22

C 6:00 Porter Brothers 7

            Menk 0

C 7:00 XTreme Realty 16

           Huskies 3

C 8:00 Cooler 20

            Chesty P’s 10


Tuesday, October 29

C 6:00 Chesty P’s 22

            XTreme Realty 16

C 7:00 Huskies 7

            Menk 0

C 8:00 Cooler 16

            Porter Brothers 6



Chesty P’s Matt Clark 1-815-590-0423

Porter Brothers Joe Riddle 1-815-590-9155

Cooler Greg Brown 1-815-441-4565

XTreme Realty Zach Jenson 1-815-535-7318

Huskies Sawyer Hagen 1-815-718-1182

Menk Mathew Wolf 1-779-245-1589