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     The Coloma Township Park District will hold an organizational meeting on Monday, September 11th at 7:30 p.m. at the Little Red Schoolhouse for its Annual Co-ed Slowpitch Softball League.  Organizers stated that the league will consist of eight teams playing on the ball diamonds in Centennial Park and each team must secure their own sponsor and provide their own equipment and uniforms.  Topics to be discussed will include the budget, entry fees, sponsors and priorities.

     According to Park District Director, Mike Sterba, every team will play a round robin season of 7 games. Trophies will be awarded to the top three places in the league.  The league will play on Monday evenings with Wednesdays being used for rainouts.  The league will play on the softball diamonds in Centennial Park.  Game times will be 6:00 P.M. and, 7:00 P.M. on the “B” and "C" Diamonds. Each team must consist of at least two female players.  Each game will be officiated by one registered umpire behind the plate and a neutral player from another team will officiate on the base(s).  Teams should register for the league and pay the required entry fee of $175 at that time.  The entry fee includes umpires; balls and trophies for league and tournament play as well as equipment for and maintenance of the ball diamonds. 

     Registration is accepted on first come, first serve paid entry fee basis.  The entry fee must accompany all registrations for the league.  Teams will receive schedules and other information at a scheduled meeting of managers after the registration has been closed.  The league will play seven weeks of regular season play.  Play will begin the on September 18th and end on October 30th.

    Team registration will be taken at the Coloma Township Park District Office at 508 East 11th Street in Rock Falls.  If there are any further questions, please call the Park District Office at 625-0272 or stop in at the Coloma Township Park District Office. 


Coloma Township Park District

Fall: Co-ed Softball Rules



1. Pitching Mat & Home Plate are strikes.

2. Base runners must pull up to avoid collisions at all bases. Failure to do so will mean an ejection from the game. Second Offense: Additional disciplinary action will be taken.

3. Plays at the plate: The moment a base runner crosses the commit line between third base and home plate, the play automatically becomes a force out. In this event, the runner must use the mat, and the catcher must use home plate. (NO SLIDING AT HOME PLATE)

4. A team will field 10 players, (including at least 2 females in the field and in the lineup at ALL times. If a team is short a female, that position will NOT be filled.  (Team will play with 9      players. If a female is injured during play, that team may substitute a male to finish that inning only. (Said male may NOT bat in the female’s spot). When the said female’s spot comes up to bat, the team must take an out.

4a. Before the game, teams may discuss having a continuous batting order.

5. If a male is walked intentionally to get to a female, that female will get the option to take first base as well.

6. A team can start a game with not less than 8 players, and one must be a female.

7. When a female comes to bat, she will have the option to hit an 11” softball or a 12” softball. Men must use the 12” softball that is provided.

8. Teams should exchange lineup cards before the start of each game.

9. The league will have an open pinch runner rule. This means that anyone can have a pinch runner after their initial hit. BUT the pinch runner must be the last person on their team to make an out.

10. Eligible players must be 17 years of age or older.

11. Players can be added to the roster until week 3 of the league.

12. If a team must forfeit a game due to a lack of players, they can borrow players from the other team and play a practice game, which the umpire will work. No one can play in league games unless on a roster, except for the practice game.

13. Rainouts will be rescheduled by the League Director. (Normally the following Wednesday).

14. NO stealing or bunting allowed.

15. Home Runs: Each team is allowed 3 Home Runs over the fence per game. Each additional Home Run over the fence will be counted as an out.

16. Every game will play one hour or seven innings, with the following exceptions:

 a. Five completed innings (or 4 and a half if the home team is ahead) will constitute a game in the case of rain forces termination of the game. (umpire’s decision).

 b. 7th Inning ONLY: In the 7th inning, if the home team is losing by 10 or more runs, they will be allowed to score enough runs to win the game. Once the inning begins, teams will be allowed to play the entire inning even if the time limit is exceeded.

17. Protests: Must be made known before the next pitch the next pitch following the incident. The must also be written and submitted to the Park District Office within 24 hours, and accompanied by a $10.00 fee. If the protest is accepted, the fee will be returned. If the protest is upheld the fee will remain in the League Fund.

18. NO hesitation pitches.

19. Players and fans are prohibited from smoking on Park District property.

20. Each batter will start out with a 1 ball and 1 strike count, and a foul third strike will   constitute an out.

21. The league will play under official ASA Slowpitch Rules unless otherwise stated.

22. In the event of a two team win/loss/ record tie at the end of the season, the following will be the criteria for deciding place finish:

  a. how each team’s record stands against each other.

  b. total number of runs allowed in the season.

23. All games must start promptly at the listed time so that the teams playing the next game can get started on time.

24. No player may transfer from one team to another after he/she once starts playing on a team

 25. ALL unnecessary roughness, profanity or any unsportsmanlike conduct will mean immediate dismissal from the game. Any person being ejected from a ballgame for any reason will     be ineligible to play or coach for the next game. The officials have the authority to eject  a player, team manager, or spectator from the field for any unnecessary roughness,   profanity, or any unsportsmanlike conduct.

26. No player will be allowed to play if there is evidence he/she has been drinking prior to the game. The league official’s decision will be final.

27. Merely touching an umpire means an automatic ejection from the game and the league for the season.

28. The official score card will be kept by the league official.

29. The Coloma Township Park District, or anyone connected with the league in anyway will NOT be responsible for any injuries sustained during, before or after the game in or outside of the building or grounds.

30. The unforeseen circumstances, where a team cannot make a scheduled game, the League Director shall pass judgment on the re-scheduling of the game.

31. Each Manager will be personally responsible for each and every person on his/her team.  Anyone not abiding by the rules shall be suspended from the league.

32. Only captains and managers can talk to the officials.

33. Number of games: 7 games

34. League will start on September 18th.

35. In the event of questionable weather, call the Park District Activity Line for any cancellations. 815-625-0272 Ext. 9