Boat Rentals at Centennial Park

from Memorial to Labor Day.

Saturdays 9:00am—5:00 PM

Sundays & Holidays Noon - 5:00 PM


Summer Picnic Shelter Reservations

A small fee is charged for the shelter rental. This charge is to help cover the cost of moving picnic tables in and out of the shelter as needed and also for the cleaning before and after the gathering. Each shelter is rented only once each day. On the morning of the event, a Reserved Sign will be put up with the rental party’s name on it. An adequate number of picnic tables will be supplied. In the event of cancellation, a $10 service fee will be applied.  Refunds will be issued if cancellation takes place a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Cancellations must take place by notifying the Coloma Township Park District Administrative Office at 508 East 11th Street, Rock Falls or calling 1-815-625-0272. No rainout refunds will be issued.

Centennial Park:

Larson Shelter; Lions Shelter; AAL Shelter; Krug Shelter; Heide Shelter; Ball Diamonds & Larson Shelter $250/day plus $15/hour/diamond for lights.

Other Parks:

Joshua Park Shelter; Nims Park Shelter; Sieglinger Memorial Park Shelter; Kiwanis Park; Logan Park Shelter; Rotary Park Shelter; Bowman Family Memorial Park; Scanlan Shelter in Wallingford Park (Not available 4/1 to 8/30). Ball Diamonds & Scanlan Shelter .