Coloma Township Park District

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Full-Time Recreation Supervisor/Office Assistant  

Recreation Supervisor/Office Assistant                

The Coloma Township Park District is seeking a customer friendly, energetic and experienced applicant to work within our Park District’s administrative office, recreational programs and community.  The Recreation Supervisor/Office Assistant shall be responsible for helping oversee, promote and develop new recreation programs.  He or she will be involved in program registrations, answering phone calls, facility registrations and other day to day operations.  The Recreational Supervisor is required to be skilled and knowledgeable with Microsoft Office, Publisher, website design and all social media platforms.  It is vital that the Recreational Supervisor possesses the ability to work as a team and communicate well with all office staff to create a positive and productive work environment.  Office, recreation, and scheduling experience are a requirement for this position. The Recreation Supervisor/Office Assistant position will be salary based with a competitive benefit package.  A detailed job description is available on the Coloma Township Park District Website and all resumes can be turned in at the Coloma Township Park District Administrative Office, 508 East 11th Street, Rock Falls, Illinois 61071. Our Office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Resumes (including a cover letter and 3 references) for the Recreation Supervisor/Office Assistant will be accepted from October 22nd through November 5th, 2018.   Please contact us with any questions at (815) 625-0272.       



A. Qualifications

     1. Must be 21 years of age.

     2. Mature Attitude.

     3. Good Physical Health.

     4. Ability to compose correspondence as directed by the Director.

     5. Be knowledgeable in the use of a computer and social media.

     6. Ability to plan, organize, supervise, and lead recreation programs for 

         children and adults.

     7. Must have leadership ability and ability to work well with others.

     8. Minimum high school graduate with junior college or university credit

        preferred. Consideration will be given to candidates with majors 

        in  education, physical education, parks and recreation or related fields.

     9. Special ability in at least two of the major fields of arts and crafts, sports

         and athletics, music, dancing, dramatics, active and quiet 

         games,  social recreation and nature.

     10. At least part- time or seasonal recreation experience preferred.

B. Duties

     1. To prepare and type correspondence, reports, and other clerical work.

     2. To prepare material for duplication and to operate office machines.

     3. To assist in registration procedures.

     4. To assist in administrative work for the District in general as directed.

     5. Organize, supervise, and lead recreational programs for the Coloma Township

         Park District.

     6. Make recommendations to the Director for additions and changes in the 


     7. To lead or teach any activities as required.

     8. To assist in the preparation of financial and program records.

     9. To supervise leadership employees as authorized by the Director.

     10. Be able to work in close cooperation with the Superintendent of 

          Parks/Special Projects Coordinator.

     11. Recruits, Selects and recommends the employment of department personnel.

     12. Organizes, assigns, and trains personnel. Develops and maintains good work

          relationships among staff members.

     13. Recruits and encourages the use of volunteers in recreational programs 

          where applicable.

     14. Becomes knowledgeable about conditions, needs, and trends affecting

          recreation and park requirements of the community.

     15. Studies and keeps informed of developments in the recreation field.

     16. Recommends establishment of necessary fees and charges for various

          department services.

     17. Provides photographs and news articles in a timely fashion to the local

          media to promote the positive nature of the Park District’s RECREATIONAL

          Programs and facilities.

     18. Promotes the public use of recreational facilities, areas and equipment for

          group and individual play, recreation, and education.

     19. Maintain systematic, complete, and accurate records of recreational 

          activities and services, personnel, and property.

     20. Prepares and issues regular and special reports for the use by staff, board,

          community officials, and others, and for the information of the community.

     21. Supervise and direct Tee Baseball League Concession Operation.

     22. To perform any other duties assigned by either the Director of Park and

          Recreation, their immediate Supervisor, or the Coloma TOWNSHIP PARK          


C. Hours and Compensation

     1. As an employee the Recreation Supervisor/ Office Assistant will have varying

        hours. Due to the nature of the work, evening and weekend hours on duty are

        to be expected. General hours of duty are Monday through Friday from 9:00

        a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with a one hour lunch. Summer and seasonal hours will vary

        according to the needs of the Park District.

     2. Compensation will be established based on an annual evaluation of the

        recommendation of the Director with the approval of the Park Board of


    3. Employee Benefits 

          a. twelve (12) Holidays per year.

          b. State Retirement Program (IMRF)

          c. Employee Health


          E. Sick leave